Alain Elkann Interviews

It is Sunday afternoon and, after a delicious lunch that ended with apricot strudel and apricot ice cream, we are by the pool in the very special garden of the gallerist Thaddaeus Ropac’s 17th century small castle. It was built by an Archbishop as his …

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Raffaele La Capria has started his summer holidays in the family home of his wife Ilaria Occhini, near Arezzo in Tuscany. But summer holidays mean very little to a writer. There are no particular rules or hours. Raffaele La Capria, what is a writer’s r …

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Isabelle Huppert is petite. She practically tiptoes into a salon of the Hotel de la Ville in Rome, wearing grey pants, a beige pullover and a red scarf around her neck. Her hair hangs long and loose. It is a reddish brown, and her eyes are large and br …

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Milan. August 1st, 1995.  Political tension and division right across Italy. The country seems to be going from bad to worse and is more divided than ever before. It is a deep cut which worries Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, the Archbishop of Milan. “It …

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“I wish to say that an interview can be like a photograph, because in it is that moment in someone’s life, that unique moment that the interview catches forever.

“Sometimes when we read classic interviews from the archive it is great, because here are their very words; and in cases like Moravia or Versace there won’t be others. So every scholar or historian can value these interviews and treat them as rare documents.

“An interview with a great personality never gets old, just as much as they don’t. An interview can either be fresh news or the memory of someone that one should never forget.

“There are special people… that never pass even when they will be no more.”