Tony Little © Eton College
Tony Little
Eton Headmaster

Tony Little is Headmaster of Eton College. The Eton Headmaster’s guide to building character in male teenagers:- 1) Encourage them to aim high. 2) Cel …

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Antonio Pappano
Music Director

We are at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, in the Music Director Sir Antonio “Tony” Pappano’s office. There is a desk, a couch and many photogr …

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Umberto Eco head
Umberto Eco
Philosopher and Semiotician

Umberto Eco, many people know where you are, but you prefer not to disclose the location. How will you spend your summer? Here in my country house as …

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Carla Bruni
Model, Singer-songwriter

Carla Bruni shows up right on time at the Bar des Théâtres, which is located on the Avenue Montaigne a stone’s throw from Christian Dior’s maison. She …

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