AC390360 Alessandro Cassin
Publishing Director.

Centro Primo Levi recently launched CPL Editions, a new publishing enterprise at the historical New York Italian bookstore and pub …

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Lorcan O'NEILL Lorcan O’Neill

Lorcan O’Neill arrives at my house wet and frozen by snow that just keeps on falling. The New York he has just landed in from Mexi …

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renzo-piano-390360 Renzo Piano

The architect Renzo Piano meets me shortly before the ninth Biennale dell’Architettura opens in Venice on the theme of Metamorphos …

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1031_oz_crop-390360 Amos Oz
Israeli Writer

In his book “A Tale of Love and Darkness”, which has been translated from the original Hebrew into many different languages, Israe …

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Spring Magnolia at Kew Gardens

Magnolia in March at Kew Botanical Gardens. Click the image to go to the interview with Kew’s Director, Richard Deverell.


In each of Alain’s interviews the words, ideas, gestures and feelings that his subjects reveal to him, almost en passant, crystallize into the telling of a unique story. And what can possibly be more engaging than stories told about the customs, passions, careers and loves of extraordinary and knowledgeable men and women?