Patrizio Fondi
Italian Ambassador in Amman

Patrizio Fondi is the Italian Ambassador in Amman. Does serving as an ambassador in Amman today mean living with a lot of pressure? Above all, it mean …

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Amira Casar

Amira Casar regularly comes to Salzburg for the Festival. This year the actress has just been performing at the Festival d’Avignon. Soon she has to be …

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Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve is working on a film set in Paris. She sounds a bit annoyed on the phone. She hesitates and asks how I got her phone number. She is …

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Jacqueline Risset
Literary Critic & Poet

Jacqueline Risset died on 4th September 2014. She was a poet and a poetical person. With her death we lose a voice, the voice of a woman of great cult …

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“I wish to say that an interview can be like a photograph, because in it is that moment in someone’s life, that unique moment that the interview catches forever.

“Sometimes when we read classic interviews from the archive it is great, because here are their very words; and in cases like Moravia or Versace there won’t be others. So every scholar or historian can value these interviews and treat them as rare documents.

“An interview with a great personality never gets old, just as much as they don’t. An interview can either be fresh news or the memory of someone that one should never forget.

“There are special people… that never pass even when they will be no more.”