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Mario Tavella

Mario Tavella is Chairman of Sotheby’s Europe, and President General Director of Sotheby’s France. You have worked at Sotheby’s since 1991, so you must have a loyal personality type? Let’s say that it took me a long time to find a job that I liked. I finally found a job that fit me like a glove, so, at age twenty-eight, after having worked in family companies, I changed paths and careers. You are an expert on the decorative arts. What does this mean at Sotheby’s? Decorative arts are objects, and I’m specialised in objects from the sixteenth century to...

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Carl Bernstein

Carl Bernstein is an American investigative journalist and author. Carl, why is it your motto that a reporter has to give the best obtainable version of the truth? That’s what reporting is. Good reporting is the best obtainable version of the truth. This is the mission of the reporter. Do you think that the journalists of today are living up to it? You can’t make mass generalizations about journalism. In America today there is a tremendous amount of great journalism and there are also awful things being done in the name of journalism. There are far fewer great mainstream...

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Christopher Niquet

Christopher Niquet is the creative director at the New York fashion house of his partner, the American designer Zac Posen. A few months ago you published “Models Matter”, a book of photographs and short essays about your favorite models. Are models and beauty an obsession of yours? They are and they are not. Now that the book exists it is not only beauty and models that fascinate me. It was a starting point, but the book was to keep alive some faces that are going to disappear. I know them because I am an obsessive fashion magazine lover. You...

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Dr Virgilio Sacchini

Dr. Virgilio Sacchini, a breast cancer surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, affirms that we are going to beat cancer. Dr. Virgilio Sacchini, you work as a breast cancer surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York and are a professor at the Università Statale in Milan. Your book “Andrà tutto bene” (“Everything Will Be OK,” published by Mondadori in Italy) is being released now. Can you explain why you chose such an optimistic title? Because researchers are convinced that we are going to beat cancer. We’ve already beat some types of cancer,...

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Olivier Berggruen

You are the curator of the show “Picasso. Between Cubism and Classicism: 1915-1925” that will open in Rome on September 20th at the Scuderie del Quirinale and at Palazzo Barberini. What is so special about this exhibition? Just to give you some background, there is a reason for this show, which is very simple. It is the 100th anniversary of Picasso’s trip to Rome and to Naples between February and April 1917, which he made at the instigation of Jean Cocteau and Sergei Diaghilev. Picasso, who was a Spanish citizen caught in Paris in the middle of the war,...

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